Snooker Table

We are one of the trusted Manufacturer and Dealer of Snooker Table, Snooker Table Cloth, Snooker Table Accessories, Snooker Balls, Snooker Cues, Snooker Table Parts and more in Pakistan. Our product range is manufactured from high-grade raw material in our well-developed manufacturing unit as per the defined industry standards. These products are strictly inspected by our experienced professionals in our high-end manufacturing unit to eliminate all the flaws from the assortment. Our product range is highly appreciated by our valuable clients for its high-quality standards and reliable performance. High quality means better play. Every table Legacy manufactures is made from solid hardwood. No MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), plywood, scrap wood or metal plates. We use only solid hardwood for the cabinet, legs, top rails, blinds, and cross-beam slate supports. The result is a snooker table that is supreme in the industry.

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High Quality Means Better Play

There is no substitute for a snooker table made with slate. Common replacements include plywood, fiberboard, slatex, slatron, slatine and honeycomb, but none of these replacements offer the smooth experience and accuracy of slate. What is slate? Slate is shale or rock made over thousands years from volcanic ash or clay that is mined, quarried, cut and leveled into smooth flat sheets perfect for cue sports such as snooker or billiards. So we are using high quality of slats in our manufactured snookers.


Good Base Good Play

Snooker table cabinet holds 90% of the overall weight, which means this amount must be supported by strong legs. When players take shots, lean or sit against the snooker table it adds even more pressure. So we use high grade raw material for making solid wood perfect industry standard legs. The snooker legs are considered "perfect" because they are made from solid pieces of wood, from the slate down to the feet.

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High Grade Raw Material

The wood frame is good only for the slate of the snooker table and lack of support can cause the slate to drop, crack and become rough. The type of frame beams required only depends on the slate size. We offer good quality snooker table slate that has been framed with wood glued to the bottom, along with cross beams that add support. Our snooker frames are strictly inspected by our experienced professionals in our high-end manufacturing unit to eliminate all the flaws.

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Smoothness is Our Value

We use modern snooker or billiard cloth which is made from a wool and nylon blend that's been coated in Teflon. If you want to know about the durability of the cloth you should look at the ounce weight per yard of the cloth, so we are using between 18 and 22 ounces per yard for a maximum life.

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More Beauty More Style

The cushions or rails of the snooker table usually we made from natural gum or gum blends. These types of cushions or rails provide an expected bounce that will last as long as you own the table. So we use natural gum rails over synthetic rails. There are two benefits to using 100% non-recycled natural gum rubber, good performance, durability and also add more beauty and style to the table.